For those in management and executive positions, it can be challenging to keep pace with the growing demands of the workplace. The higher you climb, the more you need to build and refine your leadership skills and identify any gaps in your performance, yet it it can be hard to find the training and development you need in a world that teaches management more than it teaches leadership.

You must learn how to navigate more complex levels of politics, but it can be hard to find a trusted colleague or mentor to confide in and guide you. And while your work demands an ever-increasing amount of your time, you also have personal commitments and priorities to attend to.

To tackle these challenges, more and more leaders are hiring an executive coach to help them increase their leadership capacity, more effectively accomplish their business objectives, and achieve greater work-life balance. Now you can access a wide array of focused leadership content at affordable price points right here, to be the leader you know you are meant to be.

We Cover:

o  Self-Awareness, Strengths & Confidence

o  Effective Personal Branding

o  Strategy & Vision

o  Goal Setting & Motivation

o  Clarity & Focus

o  Agility & Adaptability in Change

o  Innovation & Creativity

o  Decision Making

o  Productivity & Time Management

o  Communication & Relationship Building

"Stacey has shown me how to strategically focus and prioritize in my research, clinical care, and education roles. I’m learning how to perform more effectively as a woman leader and enjoy a better quality of life."

- Dr. G. Haas

Hi, I’m Stacey.

I am unstoppable - and so are you.

I have founded two multimillion-dollar agencies, been among the Top 50 Entrepreneurs Under 50 in Atlanta, and twice one of the Top 100 “It” Agencies in the country. I am also a licensed Metaphysical Minister and a certified executive leadership coach, with neuroscience and positive psychology focus. 

As a novice entrepreneur, like too many others today, I struggled, making nearly every business decision mistake possible. However, I also learned, through necessity, how to make mindset transformations to thrive. As a result, my businesses survived and thrived.

Today I coach other CEOs and executives on how to use their own inner wisdom and intuition to make faster and more accurate decisions, and play to their strengths. I am a passionate advocate for leaders stepping into a more blissful life of fulfillment and unstoppable personal success.

My award-winning, best selling books, Own Your Own Shift and Inside Out Smart are available now on Amazon.